Friday, December 12, 2008

We've got to play better Defense!!!

The beginning of the season was a gem for us Laker fans. As the season progressed especially these two last names -- wait a second, this past five games has been a "horror flick" for us Laker fans. We, my friends are still soft in the middle like a Pillsbury doughboy. Looking at how Boston and Cleveland are eating up all of their opponents, do you actually think we have a chance against them.

let's compare our schedules starting from December the 19th all the way until the day we meet Boston on December 25:

December 19
Chicago at Boston
Lakers at Miami

December 20
Boston gets day off
Lakers at Orlando

December 21
New York at Boston
Lakers get the day off

December 22
Boston gets day off
Lakers at Memphis

December 23
Philadelphia at Boston
Lakers at New Orleans

December 24
Lakers and Boston day off

December 25
Boston at Lakers

looking at the schedule, I'm telling you we will not beat them.

I think, we should trade Lamar at the end of the season and sign Artest. Unless we spiced up our strength in standing up against rough guys or teams, the best we can do is stay afloat at number two.

Either Rambus has to come up with a new defensive system really quick, or we actually start hustling and chasing the basketball, we will still see Kobe sitting puppy eyed and sulking at the end of the championship round.

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