Thursday, December 18, 2008

The past two games has been painful to watch.


Granted that these two games were a win for us, but if you were actually in the game you wouldn't be able to tell the difference because of the fans booing. Surely, we will probably wake up from this slump -- hopefully before Christmas.

That's when we get our rematch against the Mean Green Machine. Looking at how Boston is playing we can pretty much anticipate that it will be a very difficult match. Unless by some miracle we were able to reclaim that spark of confidence in our defense and shutting down opponents from scoring more than a hundred points and we may have a chance to pull off a close victory.

Then again, the warm family feeling up to Lakers organization never ceased to generate news of bickering and conflicts. Jordan Farmar unleashed his frustration at Phil during the Knicks game was not encouraging sign at the moral of the team's chemistry. Let's face it, we are a team that will never be short of drama.

So with the upcoming four games in five days, a sick Pau, and a sick Odom, and let's not forget a frustrated Farmer --his pregame Boston session will be very interesting to watch.

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